In these Terms and Conditions unless the contrary intention appears:

  1. "Accident" means an incident in which a Vehicle has been damaged in a collision or impact with another object, whether another Vehicle or not, or whether caused by a mechanical failure. This includes a series of incidents arising out of a single event.
  2. "Breakdown" means a circumstance in which a Vehicle is incapable of being driven due to mechanical or other failure, the cause of which is not an Accident, theft, Fire, flood or malicious damage.
  3. "Country Areas" means areas within Western Australia, outside the designated Perth and metropolitan regional areas (PDF 2.2MB)
  4. "CSP" means a business in a country area appointed by RAC or by affiliated motoring organisations to provide Roadside Assistance to RAC customers' Vehicles.
  5. "CSP Boundary" means the perimeter of the geographical area that is serviced by a CSP.
  6. "Excess Kilometres" means the distance for which a Vehicle receives Towing/Roadside Assistance which is in excess of the distance to which a Vehicle is entitled to free Towing/ Roadside Assistance by virtue of the BusinessWise Package the Customer holds.
  7. "Extended Benefits" means those benefits that apply to a Vehicle that has suffered a major Breakdown and cannot be repaired within 24hrs.
  8. "Fire" means heat or flame, which damages the panels, mechanical or electrical parts of a Vehicle.
  9. "Guaranteed Service Area" means the Metropolitan and Regional Areas (PDF 735KB) where provision of Service is available 24/7
  10. "Home" means the permanent place of residence of a Customer.
  11. "Incident" means one or more jobs that are together considered to be part of the original Breakdown.
  12. "Job" means the assigning of a RAC Patrol to an Incident. If authorized by RAC, multiple jobs may arise from a single Incident.
  13. "Customer" means a current financial RAC BusinessWise Customer.
  14. "Subscription Fee" means the annual fee payable by a Customer in order to be eligible to receive Roadside Assistance.
  15. "Contracted Year" means the current valid year of a Customer's Roadside Assistance Subscription.
  16. "Metropolitan Area" means those areas marked as within the Perth Metropolitan (PDF 735KB) urban area on the map appearing.
  17. "Motorcycle" means any Vehicle registered with the Department of Planning & Infrastructure as a motorcycle.
  18. "Motoring Assistance" means the range of services provided to a Customer including but not limited to Roadside Assistance at the location of a Breakdown by an RAC Patrol, Tow or battery contractor to restore the mobility of the Vehicle, or to allow it to be driven or removed to a place where complete and/or permanent repairs can be carried out.
  19. "Non-Guaranteed Service Area" means the areas within the state of WA other than those identified as a Guaranteed Service Area.
  20. "RAC", "We", "Our", "Us" means RAC Motoring Pty Ltd. ABN 33 009 292 228, and includes its officers, employees, agents and contractors.
  21. "Recovery" means a job that requires a resource to transport a Vehicle that has suffered a major Breakdown more than 100kms from home.
  22. "Regional Centres" means the designated service area within 10km radius of the GPO of the Cities of Mandurah, Albany, Bunbury, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie.
  23. "Roadside Assistance" means the assistance provided to a Vehicle by a RAC Patrol to restore the mobility of the Vehicle at the location of the Breakdown.
  24. "Service Fee" means the fee applicable to the provision of Roadside Assistance to a Vehicle where the Client has not nominated the Vehicle for a Roadside Assistance Package.
  25. "Serviced Area" means the Metropolitan Area (PDF 735KB), a Regional Centre or within a CSP Boundary.
  26. "Special Towing Equipment" means any Towing apparatus that is not Standard Towing Equipment.
  27. "Standard Towing Equipment" means any Towing apparatus that is the equivalent of a two-wheel drive truck fitted with a tilt tray, slide bed, hoist or cradle or a Vehicle and trailer combination.
  28. "Suitable Identification" means a current drivers licence or photo identification.
  29. "Trafficable Road" means any public or private road, which is designed for and is in a suitable state to facilitate the movements of a two-wheel drive Vehicle. It includes: (1) the road-related areas immediately adjoining the road itself such as road shoulders, breakdown lanes, medians and parking places; and (2) any road which RAC has permission to use (specifically from its owner or by virtue of it being a public road) and which can be safely used by Us.
  30. "Tow", "Towing", "Towing Service" means the service provided pursuant to these Terms & Conditions to a Vehicle or Trailer disabled by a Breakdown, and involving its removal from the point of Breakdown to another location using whatever Standard Towing Equipment or Special Towing Equipment is available and considered appropriate by Us.
  31. "Trailer" means any two, three or four wheeled domestic trailer, caravan, horse, dog trailer or boat trailer that is attached to a nominated Vehicle and that does not exceed any of the following: (1) 2 tonnes gross weight; (2) 5.5 metres in length; (3) 2.5 metres in width; or (4) 2.6 metres in height; and which is being used for private, recreational or commercial purposes.
  32. "Unregistered Vehicle" means a Vehicle that does not display a current registration sticker.
  33. "Un-roadworthy Vehicle" means a Vehicle: (1) which has been issued with a defect notice by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure; (2) which would not pass an RAC roadworthy Vehicle inspection check; or (3) whose condition makes it unsafe to drive and which cannot be rendered safe to drive through the provision of temporary Roadside Assistance, as determined by Us in our absolute discretion.
  34. "Non-constructed Roads" means an unsealed or non-constructed road which is not trafficable by a two wheel drive Vehicle.
  35. "Vehicle" means any motorised registered Vehicle which is covered by a BusinessWise RAC Roadside Assistance package, which is used for and in connection with private use and does not exceed a maximum 5.5 metres in length or a maximum weight of 2.5 tonnes.
  36. "You", "Your" means the Customer or a person driving the Vehicle which is covered by a Businesswise RAC Roadside Assistance Package.

General conditions for Businesswise Roadside Assistance

  1. Financial Roadside Cover: Roadside Assistance cover must be current at the time of service.
  2. Response Time: Roadside Assistance will be provided as soon as possible, but response time is not guaranteed and may vary, depending on the location of the Customer’s Vehicle and demand for services.
  3. Vehicle under Repair: Roadside Assistance does not include maintenance repairs. Roadside Assistance or Towing is not provided to Vehicles already under repair or at a repair workshop. Roadside Assistance or Towing will not be provided to un-roadworthy or unregistered Vehicles.
  4. Non-Guaranteed Service Areas: Where service is unavailable, we will use our best endeavors to help in locating assistance.
  5. Non-constructed Roads: Vehicle Breakdowns which occur on Non-Constructed Roads will be attended at the discretion of the RAC or its agents, with any excess cost to be invoiced to and payable by the Customer.
  6. Bogged Vehicles: The time spent in recovery of bogged Vehicles and/or equipment used will be invoiced to and payable by the Customer. The cost of travelling to the Customer’s Vehicle within the applicable distance limits is covered by RAC. This service does not extend to a Vehicle that has been damaged as the result of being bogged.
  7. Tyres: (1) Tyre repairs are not undertaken on the side of the road. (2) RAC will only fit a safe and suitable roadworthy tyre. (3) If suitable tyres are not available, the Vehicle will be Towed within Towing limits to a tyre repair workshop or other location. (4) Wheel changing is limited to Vehicles less than two and one-half (2.5) tonnes as loaded. (5) Any special equipment or specialised service provider that may be required will be at the Customer's expense.
  8. Temporary Repairs: Where temporary repairs are undertaken, if so required by RAC, the Customer shall sign a release and indemnity.
  9. Parts and Supplies: The cost of all parts used for repairs and any supplies such as fuel, lubricants, brake fluid, provided at the time of roadside assistance, is invoiced to the Customer.
  10. Excess Travelling Distance and Towing: All excess travelling distance and excess Towing distance by an RAC agent will be invoiced to the Customer.
  11. Subsequent Country Repairs: The cost of subsequent repairs by an RAC agent at the agent's workshop will be invoiced to the Customer. Where the agent is unable to effect repairs, additional Towing to another repairer and any further repairs are at the Customer’s cost.
  12. Special Towing Equipment: If any special equipment is required an excess charge may be applied and will be invoiced to the Customer.
  13. Trailers: Only minor repairs or adjustments are provided at the roadside.
  14. Rallies, Races: RAC Roadside Assistance or Towing service does not cover Vehicles which are in organised events such as rallies or racing.
  15. Reimbursements: If a Customer is assisted by a Service Provider who is not an RAC agent and is required to pay for the service, the Customer may apply within three months for reimbursement of the appropriate RAC allowance. Reimbursements are not made if the nearest RAC agent was available. No reimbursement is made if the Customer did not contact RAC first.
  16. Motorcycles: Motorcycles are covered under any BusinessWise Roadside Assistance products.
  17. Benefits: All RAC service monetary benefits, limits and associated charges include GST.
  18. Roadside Assistance Eligibility: A Business Customer has to be the bearer of the following: Sole Traders or Business Entity with an ABN (Australian Business Number), Business Entities with an ACN (Australian Company Number) or Business Entities with an ARBN (Australian Registered Body Number)

RAC "Assist" Roadside Assistance conditions

  1. Lock Outs: If a Customer locks the Vehicle's keys in the Vehicle, RAC will attempt to unlock the Vehicle. If the Vehicle cannot be unlocked, RAC will either call a locksmith to attend the Vehicle at the Customer’s cost, arrange with a motor dealer to deliver a new key at the Customer’s cost, or Tow the Vehicle within Towing limits to a motor dealer or other location.
  2. Fuel: If the Customer’s Vehicle is immobile due to lack of fuel, RAC will provide, at the Customer’s cost, approximately 5 litres of unleaded fuel, to enable the Vehicle to be driven to a fuel outlet. For any fuel other than unleaded petrol or where RAC is unable to supply petrol at the roadside, a Tow will be provided within Towing weight and distance limits.
  3. Trailers: Roadside Assistance for trailers is provided when the trailers registration number is registered for cover with us. If a vehicle with an attached trailer requires towing, we will also tow the trailer. See above conditions as limits apply.

RAC "Absolute" Roadside Assistance conditions

  1. Application of Benefits: Absolute benefits apply in Australia only. Extended Benefits are not provided for Vehicle Breakdowns that have occurred before a person takes out Absolute Roadside Assistance.
  2. Value of Benefits: Customers with Absolute may claim up to $2,000 per year.
  3. Distance Limits: In non guaranteed service areas an agent will travel up to 100km from their depot to provide roadside assistance and if Towing is required will Tow the Vehicle up to 100km back to the agent's depot.
  4. Vehicle Recovery: If the Customer is more than 100kms from Home and their Vehicle cannot be repaired within 24hrs of the Breakdown, the Vehicle may be taken to a place where repairs can be carried out - provided the weight of the Vehicle is two (2) tonnes or less as loaded. Alternatively, the Vehicle may be transported either on to the Customer's destination or back to the Customer's Home. The recovery of Vehicles will be subject to the availability of suitable recovery Vehicles.
  5. Locksmiths: If a Customer locks the Vehicle's keys in the Vehicle, RAC will attempt to unlock the Vehicle. If the Vehicle cannot be unlocked or if the keys to the Vehicle are lost or damaged or the driver's door, fuel cap or ignition lock is damaged preventing the Vehicle from being mobilised or secured, RAC will either call a locksmith to attend the Vehicle, arrange with a motor dealer to deliver a new key at the Customer's cost, or Tow the Vehicle within Towing limits to a Motor Dealer or other location. RAC will contribute up to $165 for labour required for replacement of ignition or driver's door entry key or lock provided by an attending locksmith.
  6. Passenger Transport: In a major Breakdown situation, where You have chosen to have Your Vehicle transported to Your home, intended destination or to an alternative place of repair, RAC will arrange transport, where available, deemed suitable by the RAC, for the Customer and up to 4 passengers, within the limits of Your annual entitlements. Passenger transportation cannot be utilised in conjunction with accommodation or car hire entitlements, except in circumstances where You are detained waiting for passenger transport and in which case accommodation benefits may apply.
  7. Recovery /Accommodation/Car Hire Options when the Vehicle cannot be repaired within 24 hours the Customer has the following options available; (a) If the Customer chooses to wait at the repair location while the Vehicle is repaired, RAC will provide accommodation and arrange car hire, which can be used in any combination, but limited to $550, with a daily limit of $110 per service. (b) If the Customer chooses to have the un-repaired Vehicle recovered to his/her Home, intended destination or an alternative place of repair, RAC will arrange and pay for suitable Vehicle transport and transport (eg bus, train etc) for the Customer and up to four (4) passengers. (c) If the Customer chooses to travel on to his/her destination or Home while the Vehicle is repaired locally, RAC will arrange and pay for land transport for the Customer and up to four (4) passengers, and RAC will also pay the return fare for Customer or a nominated driver to collect the repaired Vehicle. (d) If the Customer chooses to stay in their own caravan rather than seek alternative accommodation, RAC will reimburse caravan park site fees up to $100 per night for up to five (5) nights while their Vehicle is being repaired or recovered.
  8. Hire Cars: The provision of a hire car is dependent on one being available locally. The Customer will also have to meet the hiring requirements of the car hire firm as well as pay the costs of fuel, excess distance and any additional costs like insurance. Hire car Companies require rental to be charged to a credit card and the driver generally must be over 25 years of age and some conditions may apply to drivers over 70 years of age. The maximum benefit payable by RAC Roadside Absolute for a hire car is $110 per day up (hire rate only).
  9. Breakdown of Vehicle with Caravan, Trailer or Similar: Where a Customer's Vehicle is Towing a caravan or trailer and the Towing Vehicle breaks down, RAC Roadside Absolute will Tow the Vehicle within Towing limits and conditions and Tow the 'trailed unit' up to 100 kms in any direction within the Guaranteed Service Area.
    If the disabled Vehicle requires further recovery to the Customer's Home or destination the 'trailed unit' (caravan, trailer or similar) will be eligible for further free Towing.
  10. Disabled Caravan, Trailer or Similar: In most cases, RAC Roadside Absolute will help Customers with Towing a disabled caravan or trailer. However, there may be times when special equipment is required or additional time is spent at the Breakdown scene preparing the Vehicle for Towing. In these circumstances, any additional costs for time and equipment are at the customer's expense. Extended Benefits are not available to Trailers.
  11. Taxi. RAC will arrange and pay for a taxi up to the value of $55 (incl. GST) if:
    1. the Tow truck is unable to accommodate You and Your passengers;
    2. the Customer destination is not the same as theTowing destination;
    3. You and Your passengers are travelling to the same destination as the Vehicle, but the Tow truck is unable to provide a suitable child restraint;
    4. You and Your passengers are travelling to the same destination as the Vehicle but are physically unable to get in the Tow truck (eg disabled, elderly, or incapacitated)

General Conditions

Safety Policy
Please note the following Roadside Assistance Safety Policy of the RAC. The RAC recognises that the safety and health of staff, Customers and the public is paramount when mobilising a Vehicle.
Where the driver is suspected of being unfit to, and incapable of, driving that Vehicle in a safe manner due to the appearance of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other factors, a decision will be made whether to;

  1. leave the Vehicle immobile, or
  2. mobilise the Vehicle (where that Vehicle is capable of being mobilised).

Where the decision is made to mobilise the Vehicle (and thus avoid any immediate safety and health risk) the incident will be reported by the RAC to the police.

No Refund Policy
The RAC has a no refund policy on joining fees and annual subscriptions. Pro-rata refunds are not available. However, a vehicle transfer to be covered by the BusinessWise Roadside Assistance can easily be arranged at no extra cost.

Elsewhere in Australia
If Your Vehicle is disabled in the capital city of another State or Territory, free Towing may only be provided up to the limit of that State’s or Territory’s Standard Roadside Assistance. Any additional Towing including any caravan, Trailer or the like being Towed by the disabled Vehicle at the time of the Breakdown will need to be paid for by You, to the Towing contractor. Receipts will be required to enable the RAC to process any refund claims on the policy of the additional Towing expenses.

Service Areas in remote country areas 
WA is the largest state in Australia so we advise you to take appropriate precautions when travelling in remote, regional, rural and country areas. In remote country areas, delays may occur, subject to local conditions. A list of RAC Country Roadside Assistance Service Providers can be provided at your request.

RAC Roadside Assistance provides You peace of mind for:

a) Travel by a service provider on a sealed road trafficable by a two wheel drive Vehicle from the nearest RAC Roadside Assistance Service Provider's registered business address to the Breakdown location within the service limits, with one trip per Breakdown.
b) Labour at the scene of the Breakdown for up to 30 mins duration.

Please note that You are under no obligation to have any workshop repairs carried out by our Roadside Assistance Service Provider. There is no guarantee that repairs will be immediate, or the necessary parts will be in stock at the Roadside Assistance Service Provider's registered business address.

Towing assistance in country areas cannot always be guaranteed as it is subject to local conditions, including the availability of Towing equipment. Travel on unsealed roads to provide Roadside Assistance and/or Towing will incur excess fees invoiced to you for the Breakdown.

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