Important message

The RAC Driving Centre closed in September 2016.  If you have an enquiry about training you did there, or about your student records, please read the following.

Training Records Enquiries

If you require a copy of details proving you undertook training at the RAC Driving Centre, you will find information contained under one of the headings that are below.

Training delivered at the RAC Driving Centre fell into one of four categories:

  1. Nationally recognised driver training courses,
  2. General or customised driver education or skills training courses,
  3. Truck Licence training lessons and Truck Licence driver testing,
  4. Forklift training and Licence / competency  assessments.
  1. Driver Training – Nationally Recognised Course Training
  2. RAC delivered driver training which had national recognition. Most of these courses related to driving or handling vehicles on gravel roads, or operating Four Wheel Drive vehicles under dangerous conditions.  Former students sometimes find that they want to get a copy (or “transcript”) of their training record. Some people refer to the record as a “Statement of Attainment” or “Certificate

    • When the RAC Driving Centre closed, copies of student records were given to the “Australian Skills Qualification Authority” (ASQA); this is in line with regulations which govern training across Australia for nationally accredited training courses.

    • If you have (or did have) a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number, you visit here for assistance on using or finding your USI, and then looking for a downloadable transcript of your training records.

    • If you have difficulty downloading a transcript of your training record, you can email ASQA at;   If you fill in a form seeking details of the course you did, and you supply information proving your identity, ASQA may be able to supply you a copy of your transcript.

    • Please note: a copy, or “transcript” of your student record is not an official original certificate. It is a record of all the training you have done in recent years, and is often accepted as reasonable proof that you did that training.

  3. General or Customised Driver Education or Skills Training Courses
  4. A number of courses were delivered to members of the public or company employees which involved learning about driver vehicle safe handling theory, or practicing driving skills. These courses had no nationally recognised or formal certification.

  5. Truck Driver Licences
  6. RAC delivered truck training lessons, and issued Truck Driver Licences on behalf of the Department of Transport.  When the Driving Centre ceased to operate, records were returned to Department of Transport.  If you have an enquiry about your Truck Drivers Licence, please contact Department of Transport or phoning 13 11 56

  7. Forklift Training - Competency Assessments or Licences
  8. People assessed as competent to operate a forklift, who wish to obtain verification of their competency should contact Worksafe, which is the Western Australian Government body overseeing safety and operation of high risk and heavy equipment in work places. You can find more information about Worksafe by phoning 1300 307 877.