Sometimes when life gets busy, the unexpected can happen.

RAC Roadside Assistance rescues 400* WA kids accidentally locked in cars each year.

Did you know on a 32-degree day, the temperature inside a car can get to 40 degrees in as little as seven minutes?

Accidentally locking your child or pet in a car could put them at serious risk of injury or harm — especially on hot, summer days.

To create awareness in the community and reduce the number of accidental child lock-ins we have replaced selected car park lines with ‘key lines’ at shopping centres in the Perth Metro area that will act as a reminder to keep your keys on you.

Who should you call for help in this situation?

Call us on 13 11 11. We can help.

If you feel like a life may be in danger, we will quickly transfer you to emergency services. Unlike emergency services, the RAC are not trained to provide medical assistance, and cannot speed to a location or have flashing lights to signal emergency.

If you don’t feel like a life is in danger, we can send a Patrol to assist as a matter of high priority.

Time is critical so it’s important that we get the correct details straight away. This includes your location and the car make and model. Giving us the correct information will help us save valuable time by being able to find you easily. It will also help our Patrols to start thinking about how they will get inside your car as different car types required different methods.

Once we are on the way, remain with the vehicle and we’ll be there as soon as we can.

This is a community service and an RAC Membership is not required. We will assist all West Australians if you've locked your child or pet inside a car.

To avoid an accidental lock in, keep your keys on you.