Who do I contact if I need assistance when at a charging station?

  • If there appears to be a machine fault
  • If there appears to be a vehicle fault (e.g. not charging or connecting properly)
  • If there is a physical fault
  • If I get to charging station but do not have a card
  • If I get to a charging station and someone else is charging that has not booked or appears to be taking longer than required than their usual charge time.

Please telephone 1300 661 895 to report a technical or card issue with the charging station.

For physical issues (vandalism, graffiti etc), please report it to the relevant local government.

Details of the helpdesk phone number and the local government are located on each charging unit.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is managed independently. Please do not call the RAC Roadside Assistance as they will be unable to assist with your enquiry.