What are low-cost safety treatments?

Low-cost safety treatments are cost-effective road upgrades which can significantly reduce the risk and severity of a crash. The treatments this program would fund include:

Audible Line Markings:

Also known as rumble strips, Audible Tactile Line Marketing (ATLM) are narrow lines of raised or grooved material along the edge or in the centre of a road, designed to alert the driver when they're drifting out of their lane or into oncoming traffic. The sound and vibration of a tyre passing over these lines allows the driver to correct their path, reducing the likelihood of a crash.

Sealed Road Shoulders:

Sealed road shoulders refer to the asphalted or sealed strips at the edge of a road, outside of the white lines that mark a traffic lane. Unsealed road shoulders are usually gravel or grass and make it difficult to steer and brake at high speed, increasing the chances of a crash.