What are the markings on my tyre for?

Your tyres have a lot of useful information printed on the sidewall about the type of tyre, loadings and tyre dimensions. Here’s how to read the markings on your tyre:

Image of tyre sidewall markings

A. The brand, make and model of the tyre.

B. These three numbers show the tyre width in millimetres. This is the total inflated width at its widest point (excluding sidewall ribs and lettering). The ‘P’ indicates this is a passenger car tyre.

C. This number shows the height of the tyre as a percentage of the section width (B). This P205/60 tyre shows the section width is 205mm and the height is 60 per cent of that. The lower this number, the lower the tyre profile.

D. This letter shows the type of construction. R stands for radial, B for Bias.

E. This number represents the rim diameter which fits the tyre. This measurement is always in inches.

F. This number is checked against a chart to identify the maximum load the tyre can carry at the speed indicated.

G. This letter represents the maximum safety speed. Passenger tyre speed ratings start at N (140km/h) and go to Y (300km/h).