What is a rewards membership?

For non-members

A Rewards membership allows anyone to become part of RAC and reap the benefits of RAC’s Member Benefits program without having to take up an RAC renewable product like Roadside Assistance.

If you are purchasing a high cost item, such as RAC Parks and Resorts accommodation, you may benefit immediately with exclusive discounts by purchasing a Rewards Membership.

For RAC members

All members can access discounts across our retail benefits, like a fuel discount with Puma Energy, through our Member Benefits program. However, only some RAC products and services give access to RAC Insurance products. Insurance customers or Security Monitoring members (red card holders) are not eligible for these tiered discounts that Roadside members can access.

Members with Roadside Assistance can access additional tiered discounts on their insurance policies based on the number of years of their membership. You can tell what membership tier you are based on the colour of your card (blue, bronze, silver, and gold). These discounts start when a member has been with the RAC for 5 consecutive years.

RAC Insurance members do not receive discounts on RAC Insurance cover based on their tenure with us, however, they can add a Rewards membership to accumulate years of tenure and unlock greater discounts on RAC products and services.

Please call 13 17 03 to discuss the best cover level and options for you.