What if there is a problem with my trips on the app?

Overall, the app is very accurate, but:

  • During the first weeks, the app is 'learning' from you and after this it will become more accurate.
  • There will be issues if you didn’t give permissions to the app.
  • Make sure you have the latest updates for the app, check your app store.
  • The app might not detect very short trips (less than three minutes or less than two kilometres).
  • You’ll also have issues if you’re in a battery- saving mode during the trip.
  • Sometimes there can be a problem with a GPS connection.
  • The app might detect a phone distraction when you go over speed bumps or potholes. 
  • Sometimes the app might think you’re the driver when, in fact, you’re a passenger.

If your latest trip has been wrongly recorded, you can adjust it and delete it in the Trips tab. We may use this feedback to improve app features and performance.