How do I extend my policy?

You can extend your policy under certain conditions.

The insurer will extend your cover free of charge if:

  • your original return is delayed because of the transport provider (bus, plane, train, or ship) you are travelling on, or your luggage or personal items, are delayed; and
  • the delay is due to a reason that you could make a claim for under your policy, subject to the insurer's written approval.

For other reasons you can apply to extend your International Single-Trip Policy by phoning us on 1300 655 179 or send an email to at least 5 days before your original policy was due to end. Extension of cover is subject to the insurer’s written approval and you will need to pay any applicable extra premium. If the insurer agrees to extend cover, you will be issued with a new certificate of insurance. The period of insurance on your new Certificate of Insurance, combined with your previous period of insurance, cannot be longer than a combined maximum period of 12 months. Applications to extend cover are subject to additional conditions — please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 1.2MB) for further details.

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