From 31 August 2024 the 3G network will be switched off across Australia

What does this mean for your home alarm monitoring?

If you have a back to base monitored home security system that uses 3G to operate, you’ll need to ensure that your system is upgraded so it remains compatible with the latest network standards and stays connected to your monitoring service.

You’ll need to upgrade before the end of August 2024, but we advise you to plan this well in advance of the closure date.

What will happen if my device is affected and I don’t take any action?

Your current alarm monitoring device will continue to operate until 3G is disconnected from 31 August 2024. If you don’t upgrade your device, then you’ll no longer be able to use your monitoring service from this device.

This will not impact the functionality of your alarm system, but it will no longer be monitored.

To continue being able to use your alarm monitoring service, we recommend that you upgrade to a 4G compatible device as soon as possible by securing a booking with one of our home security technicians.

How do I upgrade?

Migrating your home alarm monitoring from 3G is a simple and relatively inexpensive process, with just a hardware update required. A home security technician will visit your home and have the update completed in less than an hour. We have a range of upgrade packages for you to choose from, including a full service of your home security system to check that everything is running properly.

We’re here to help

You may have already received some communications from RAC’s home security team to book your upgrade appointment.

We have security technicians available to support you with this change and can advise you on changing devices or technology types, so you’re ready for the 3G closure.

RAC’s home security team can support you with this change even if your alarm is monitored with another security service provider.

If you’re unsure if your home alarm monitoring device will be affected or think you need an upgrade, please give us a call for advice or to arrange your upgrade.

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