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What do I get?

RAC members get a 20% discount on Monthly and Annual Plans on WeMoney Pro.

WeMoney is a financial management app that tracks all your financial accounts in one place. Track your credit score, manage budgets and access better financial offers with their all-in-one financial wellness solution.

WeMoney Pro is the paid upgrade premium version of WeMoney, unlocking additional features like advanced credit score monitoring, custom categories, desktop mode and much more.

WeMoney is a proudly West Australian-based company headquartered in Perth and is accredited under the Consumer Data Right allowing Australians to safely connect their accounts from multiple sources.

How do I redeem?

Simply sign up to create a free account, enter your RAC Membership Number and select either the Monthly or Yearly Plan. You will be provided with a link to download the WeMoney app - simply install the app and complete the last steps of the signup process.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of accounts can I connect to WeMoney?

You can connect a variety of different accounts including bank accounts, credit cards, buy now pay later platforms and share trading accounts. WeMoney has over 300 different account connection types you can connect to.

What's the difference between the Free version and the Pro version of WeMoney?

The paid upgrade version is a more streamlined version of the app that includes:

  1. Credit alerts - scans and protects your credit file to identify unauthorised access
  2. Ad-free experience - Remove the clutter and allow for complete customisation of your dashboard

What's the difference between the Monthly v's Yearly plans?

The Monthly and Annual plans are identical in terms of functionality, however, annual subscribers receive an additional 17% discount for paying annually upfront.

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