Make it easy for yourself, receive your future renewals by email.

Why switch?

  • Never miss a renewal and ensure you’re always covered. Whether you’re home or away you’ll receive an email delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Save time - you can easily renew your insurance directly from the renewal email.
  • Save paper - your renewal information will be included in the email.
  • Please note this is only available for home and car insurance policy renewal documents.

How to switch to email renewals in myRAC

Step 1: Log in to myRAC

Log in to myRAC and select your policy. If you do not have a myRAC account you can easily register using your policy number.

Step 2: Select ‘Manage my policy’

Scroll down to your policy and click on Manage, from the drop down list select Manage my policy.


Step 3: Go to ‘Change my personal details’

Choose My details from the top menu then select Change my personal details.


Step 4: Update your preferred delivery method

Scroll down and select email from the Preferred delivery method option. *Click Confirm to save the changes to your preferences.


Let’s get started.

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More about our email renewal option.