Let the timeless allure of the Golden Triangle inspire you, as you explore the delightful Udaipur, seek out tigers in Ranthambore, and uncover Rajasthan's hidden gems. Experience the perfect first-time holiday in India, filled with classic sights and unforgettable adventures.

Closeup photo of an offerings plate held by a woman's hand including nicely arranged flowers and a candle which is being lit by her other hand.
A low angle shot of the majestic Hawa Mahal palace built of red and pink sandstone featuring many small windows called decorated with intricate latticework.
Indian man wearing a bright orange traditional clothing and headdress looking straight into the camera.

The Inspiring India tour with Wendy Wu Tours will see you exploring the most iconic sites, delving into deep-rooted culture and dining on delicious cuisine and thoroughly researched to bring you a range of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, many of which are entirely exclusive to Wendy Wu Tours.

Map of India indicating all stops along this itinerary
The tour is 14 days in duration including 12 nights in accommodation and 1 overnight international flight.