Check off a travel milestone by crossing the Antarctic Circle. Maximize your adventure by skipping the ocean transit and flying over the Drake Passage by charter plane. Simply combine our exciting Crossing the Circle: Southern Expedition itinerary with a direct round-trip flight from Chile to your polar-ready ship, to get our Antarctic Express: Crossing the Circle voyage. Then, explore the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula by sea, and continue further to reach 66⁰33´ south. Check other achievements off your bucket list as well, such as sea kayaking through channels dotted with icebergs.

Some guests sitting in a kayak on a paddling excursion through the polar waters
Two travellers in yellow Quark Expedition parkas are celebrating their Antarctic circle crossing by toasting with a drink and smiling in the camera.
Passengers dressed in parkas and equipped with backpacks are boarding a charter plane

Antarctica has been inspiring explorers for centuries and our voyages — led by the best expedition teams in the industry — offer the chance for you to discover why.

We’re excited to host you on your unforgettable adventure!