The RAC Intellibus® was Australia’s first automated vehicle trial on public roads. Launched in 2016, the RAC Intellibus® gave passengers in South Perth, Busselton and Geraldton a unique view of the technology.

About the RAC Intellibus® trial

The RAC Intellibus® trial broke new ground in the autonomous vehicle space in Australia, putting WA at the forefront of the emerging technology, and proving driverless travel can be safe and accessible for the entire community.

The RAC Intellibus® travelled more than 38,000kms, and gave more than 28,000 passengers the chance to experience automated vehicle technology first-hand.

Starting at the eastern end of the South Perth Esplanade, the free 3.5km journey took passengers along the picturesque South Perth foreshore, taking in views of the City’s skyline across the Swan River.

The RAC Intellibus® also visited regional WA, with nearly 1,600 passengers hopping on in Busselton in 2019, before a three-month demonstration in Geraldton in 2020 where more than 2,000 locals experienced the driverless technology. 


About Automated Vehicles

Automated vehicles are transforming transport and mobility as we know it — driving a safer, more sustainable and better-connected future.

It’s important to test the exciting new technology in real-life traffic conditions, to help us better understand and prepare for the changes it will bring to mobility.

Driverless cars have the potential to:

  • Save lives and prevent serious injuries on our roads
  • Reduce congestion
  • Improve efficiency and convenience
  • Reduce vehicle emissions
  • Improve mobility options for the elderly, disabled and regional residents

Working with our partners, we made this technology available for the community, industry leaders and government representatives to experience for themselves, through the RAC Intellibus® trial. Together, we're helping prepare Australia for the safe transition to automated vehicles and a future aligned to safe, sustainable and connected communities.


Did you know...

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Passengers have been onboard for a ride
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38,573.3 kms

Have been travelled on public roads
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96% of passengers

Rated their participation in the Intellibus® trial as positive to extremely positive