The RAC Imagine Program™ Intellibus Experience provided an opportunity for young Western Australians (Year 5 and 6 students) to discover past and future technologies, and learn about the changing nature of transport, mobility and road safety, whilst addressing aspects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and HASS subjects (Humanities and Social Sciences).

In collaboration with the City of South Perth, this Imagine Program™:

  • Helped students see and experience both past and future technologies; 
  • Educated students about AV technology; and 
  • Discussed next steps for a safer, more sustainable and better-connected communities 

During the excursion, students participated in six planned activities including a ride on the RAC Intellibus®, a tour of the Old Mill, exploring AV technology and the future of transport, understanding the connection between coding and road safety, watching the RAC Rescue helicopters in action, and be hands-on by creating a recycled sculpture to improve the future of mobility.

The Program

Activity 1: RAC Intellibus® Ride

Students experienced Australia’s very first Automated Vehicle trial and headed off on a 3.5 km journey starting at the Old Mill. The RAC Intellibus® travelled along the South Perth Esplanade, where students observed how the vehicle interacts with road users.

Students on Intellibus

Activity 2: Old Mill Tour by City of South Perth

The Old Mill is WA’s second oldest colonial building. Students took a guided tour and experienced the site’s many incarnations - as a working gristmill, pleasure grounds, Water Police base and artists’ retreat.

The tour juxtaposes the new technology of the Intellibus with the 19th century cogs, ropes and stones of the Mill, prompting students to contemplate the impact of technology on their everyday lives and the myriad links to past generations that are often overlooked.

Imagine program at Old Mill

Activity 3: AV Technology and the Future of Transport

Students learnt about the technology the RAC Intellibus® uses; LiDARs, Cameras, GPS bases, radio connectors and more, and discussed how these are essential for AV operation.

Students learn about automation

Activity 4: Coding and Road Safety

Students used the Edison robot, which taught computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way. Features of the Edison play an important role in the understanding of AV technology and coding components. 

Students coding with RAC Imagine

Activity 5: RAC Rescue Experience

Students used the virtual reality headsets to experience a RAC Rescue Experience in action and attending a car accident. Students learnt about the benefits of the RAC Rescue helicopter, and how the initiative supports RAC's road safety advocacy program.

RAC Rescue Experience

Activity 6: "Imagine the possibilities" 

Students considered the future of mobility and transport and reflect on the technologies observed throughout the day by creating their own recycled sculpture aligned to safe, sustainable and connect communities. 

Students creating recycled sculptures

The RAC Imagine Program™ also visited regional Western Australia for the first time in 2020, providing Geraldton primary school students the opportunity to participate. Find out more.


The RAC Imagine Program™ Intellibus Experience is supported by the City of South Perth.

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