Autonomous vehicle technology

Levels of automation

Many cars, particularly new models, already have automated vehicle features and some experts predict the widespread release of automated vehicles is just a few years away. Vehicles are more automated the less the driver has to intervene when driving.

According to industry standards, there are 6 levels of automation from Level 0 (No Automation), to Level 5 (Full Automation) where the vehicle can perform all driving functions and other than setting the destination, no driver intervention is required.

Vehicles which are Level 1 (Driver Assistance), Level 2 (Partial Automation) or Level 3 (Conditional Automation) have at least one automated vehicle feature, and require the driver to complete most of the critical driving tasks. In these vehicles, drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times.

RAC’s Intellibus is a Level 4 (High Automation) vehicle which means that all aspects of the driving task are automated in certain environments.


Levels of Automation

Intellibus and its technologies

The RAC Intellibus® uses a number of different sensors and telecommunications systems. It uses these sensors to localise, that is, to know where it is, and to detect obstacles so that it can react and interact within a dynamic road environment.

   RAC Intellibus Features Diagram

Technical Specifications 

 Dimensions  Length 4.08m x Width: 2.05m x Height: 2.60m
 Weight  Empty 1.8t; Gross weight 3t

Dimensions Length 4.08m x Width: 2.05m x Height: 2.60m 

Weight Empty 1.8t; Gross weight 3t

Capacity Up to 11 seated

Steering 2x2 steering

Turning Radius <4.5m

Safety Features Emergency stop button

SOS intercom

Emergency braking

Power shortage brake


Battery 80volt Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) battery

  Wireless Induction Charging

Localisation GPS with Real Time Kinematic corrections


  3D LiDAR

  Real-Time Kenetic GPS technology

Obstacle Detection Stereovision cameras

3D and 2D LiDAR


For further information download : RAC Intellibus Technical Specifications Information Sheet.