2021/22 Applications now open

Life’s better when we’re connected. That’s why, together with our local government partners, we’re helping to connect communities across WA. In 2021-22, Reconnect WA applications will be available for the total funding pool of up to $1 million based on two funding categories:

  • Projects with a total cost of up to $100,000 – RAC will contribute up to 80% of the total project cost (to a maximum partnership contribution of $80,000 per project). Demonstrations / pilots / trials with a duration of less than six months are eligible within this category, and projects should be on the ground within six months of funding approval.
  • Projects with a total cost of over $100,000 – RAC will contribute up to 50% of the total cost of the project (to a maximum contribution of up to $250,000 per project). A partnership contribution of up to $80,000 can be provided, even where this exceeds 50% of the total project cost. Projects which are temporary trials must have a trial period of at least six months. Projects should ideally be on the ground within 8 months of funding approval.

Detailed information on the funding requirements and application process can be found here:

Guidelines (PDF 1763KB)

Application Form Overview (PDF 925KB)

For queries, please contact reconnectwa@rac.com.au

Reconnect WA seeks to help reimagine and revitalise streets and public spaces to...



Create vibrant and active places for Western Australians to interact and reconnect with our cities and towns, and each other.


Inspire and empower residents and business communities to co-design and drive change in their local area.


Lay the foundations for longer-term changes to support safe, sustainable and connected communities.

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Launched projects

A young boy is riding his bike along a brightly painted footpath in Hannay Lane 

Hannay Lane in Dunsborough

In partnership with the City of Busselton, we converted Hannay Lane in Dunsborough into a more pedestrian friendly street.

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A lady is playing mini golf with a young boy in Subiaco Square 

Subiaco Pop-up Square

In partnership with the City of Subiaco, the corner of Rokeby Road and Churchill Avenue was transformed into a vibrant, community plaza as part of a six-week trial.

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A colourful street performer blows giant bubbles for the children at Gnalla Plaza 

Gnalla Pop-up Plaza

In partnership with the City of Stirling, a vibrant pop-up plaza has been brought to Nollamara shopping centre as part of a four-month trial.

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Coming soon to Perth

Coming soon to regional WA