Slow Down, Move Over (SLOMO) law aims to save lives on WA roads - protecting stranded motorists and emergency response workers, including RAC Roadside Patrols.


RAC has been advocating for SLOMO since 2012, and in 2018 the law was introduced across WA. The law requires motorists, when approaching the flashing lights of incident response vehicles, to slow down, move over (if possible) and pass at 40km/h. The law protects stranded motorists and emergency response personnel, including police, ambulance officers, paramedics, firefighters, Main Roads workers and RAC Roadside Patrols.

Offence Penalty Demerits
Failure to slow down and move over $300 3

Did you know...

The high speeds of passing motorists, along with road worker's proximity to cars, means they are often exposed to hazards that would be considered unacceptable in most workplaces.

  • According to the National Coroners Information System, between 2000 and 2010, 41 people were killed nationally after pulling over in a breakdown lane.
  • According to Safe Work Australia, between July 2006 and June 2009, an average of 44.8 roadside workers were hospitalised each year from crashes while they were working.

We all deserve to come home safely every day. RAC is committed to ensuring the safety of our workers, our members and the WA community.