If you have an electric car, we're making it easier for you to go further. RAC has built the very first Electric Highway in Australia, so you can charge up your car while driving from Perth to Augusta – and back. 

Why we did it

The RAC has spent more than 110 years working for safer, easier and more sustainable ways for our members to get around their community.

Building the RAC Electric Highway® has increased the 'sustainable mobility' options in WA, so if you're driving an electric vehicle, you know you can travel further without issues. 

By increasing the appeal of electric vehicles, RAC is also helping meet its commitment to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from tailpipe emissions.

How it works

Along the coastal and inland route from Perth to Augusta we have installed a number of electric vehicle charging stations. To use the chargers, drivers require a RFID card available from www.chargestar.com.au or 1300 661 895. Check where they are before you leave, pull in when you need to, charge up and keep going.

To find out more, visit the RAC Electric Highway website.

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