If you're in an electric car, we've made it easier for you to go further. We built the very first Electric Highway® in Australia, so you can charge up your car while driving anywhere between Monkey Mia and Esperance. The RAC Electric Highway® features 16 locations, including ultra-rapid, fast, and destination charging options supported by the Chargefox network.

As an RAC member, you can save 20%* when charging at any RAC Electric Highway® charger (including DC ultra-rapid charge, DC fast charge and AC slow charge) and 10% off selected Chargefox chargers interstate.

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Using the RAC Electric Highway®

The Highway is open to all electric vehicle users in Western Australia and is now part of Chargefox, Australia’s largest EV charging network. To use the RAC Electric Highway® charging stations, simply download the free Chargefox app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store and follow the instructions below to charge.

Alternatively, if using the app is not an option, see instructions here for requesting and charging with a Chargefox RFID card.

    How long does it take to charge?

    DC ultra-rapid charge

    up to 350kW

    400km /15 minutes

    DC fast charge

    up to 50kW

    60km /15 minutes

    AC slow charge

    up to 22kW

    30km /15 minutes

    Charging time depends on the size of the battery pack and method of charging, DC or AC. Please refer to your vehicle manual to seek clarification about charging times.

    Why we did it

    For more than 115 years, RAC has been working to improve the way our members get around their community. The RAC Electric Highway® aims to help reduce harmful emissions from cars in WA and supports our work towards a safer, more sustainable and better connected WA.

    The RAC Electric Highway® charging stations have been funded by RAC but are owned and maintained by local governments.

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