A series of informative and engaging presentations that align with our vision for a safer, more sustainable and better connected WA.

About the program

Our series of presentations are delivered by RAC staff volunteers referred to as Community Educators. Our Community Educators are passionate about our vision for a safer, more sustainable and better connected WA. Presentation topics include road safety, sustainability and lifestyle topics that impact Western Australians.

Booking guide
  • Times: Presentations run for 45 minutes - 1 hour, presenter will arrive 15 minutes prior to start time. Please let us know if you’d prefer alternative timings.
  • Equipment: Presenters will require the use of a screen, projector and laptop with sound capabilities (or equivalent) - further details available at time of booking.
  • Presentations: Available presentations are detailed below however other topics (e.g. Air health or E-scooters) may be available upon request.

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Available presentations:

Young male riding e-scooter on footpath 


Available to all community groups however particularly suited to parents who would like to know more about e-scooters before buying one for their child. Includes information on:

  • Relevant e-scooter laws
  • Buying guide
  • Safety tips
  • Risks and benefits of e-scooters


Person charging EV 

Sustainable mobility

Suitable for all community groups who would like to learn more about sustainable mobility in WA. Topics include:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Active and public transport options
  • Air health in WA
  • Renewable energy


Land cruiser driving on regional road 

Driving in WA

Suited to adults that may be new to driving or new to driving in Western Australia. Includes information on:

  • Road safety
  • What to do in the event of a break down
  • Information on Perth metro roads
  • Tips for driving on WA regional roads
  • Journey planning


Elderly man packing boot of car 

Beyond the roads

Suited to experienced drivers in or approaching their retirement years. Includes information on:

  • Road safety
  • Changing road conditions
  • Safer vehicles
  • Alcohol, education and the impact of health on driving
  • Preparing for road trips and staying safe


Heritage photo of RAC patrol 

From hooves to highways - history of RAC in WA

Suited to adults who would like to hear more about the history of RAC and reminisce about the history of mobility in WA. Topics include:

  • RAC history
  • WA history
  • Motoring history
  • Road rules past and present

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