RAC's Beyond the Roads program features a series of free, informative and engaging presentations that cover topics such as road safety, leisure activities and mobility in WA.

About the program

Our series of presentations are delivered by RAC staff volunteers referred to as Community Educators. Our Community Educators are passionate about RAC and our vision for a safer more sustainable and connected WA. Our Educators have put their names forward to speak to the community about the work RAC does in this space and provide education about topics such as road safety leisure activities and mobility in WA. Check out our booking guide and available presentations below.

Booking guide
  • Times: Presentations run for 45 minutes - 1 hour, presenter will arrive 15 minutes prior to start time. Please let us know if you’d prefer alternative timings.
  • Equipment: Presenters will require the use of a screen, projector and laptop with sound capabilities (or equivalent) - further details available at time of booking.
  • Presentations: Available presentations are detailed below however other topics (e.g. sustainability) may be available upon request.

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Available presentations

1. Your driving future

Bringing experienced drivers up to speed on road rules and road safety as well as considering mobility options beyond driving. Topics include:

  • Road safety facts and tips
  • Safer cars and ANCAP ratings
  • Changing road conditions and road rules
  • Alcohol, medication and the impact of health on driving
  • Mobility for the future

2. Your leisure years

For those approaching or already in their retirement years, this presentation includes information and advice on:

  • Personal security
  • Securing your home
  • Preparing for road trips and staying safe
  • Travelling safely with grandchildren
  • Exploring Western Australia
  • Mobility for the future

3. From hooves to highways - the history of RAC in WA (Quiz)

This is a fun and interactive information session and quiz that uses simple touch pad technology. Topics include:

  • RAC's history and role in shaping WA
  • How motoring changed the way we live
  • Road rules past and present
  • Fun facts about Western Australia

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For all enquires please email programs@rac.com.au

RAC is part of the Western Australian Road Safety Education Committee (WARSEC)