From motorcycles to those distinctive yellow vans, RAC Patrols have tried and tested quite a few vehicles during 90 years as the eyes and ears of WA’s roads.

Driving with the times

Matchless Motorcycles

With sidecar outfits, the Matchless motorcycles could carry enough equipment to make running repairs. The motorcycles remained in use until the late 1940s.


Austin A40 Panel Vans

Taking over from motorcycles, the Austin A40 panel vans had a brief stint as the RAC Patrol's vehicle of choice.

Austin A40

Morris Minor

Smaller than the Austin, the Morris Minor was busy helping stranded drivers throughout the 1950s, including when the RAC breakdown service became available 24/7 in 1957.


Escort Van

Possibly the best known of the RAC's distinctive yellow vehicles, the hard-wearing Escort was on road patrol duty for more than 20 years.


Toyota Hilux

After a long association with the Escort, it was time for the Toyota HiLux to wear the yellow, along with a white canopy.


BA Ford Falcon utility

The first ever six-cylinder vehicles used in the RAC fleet, the BA Falcon was introduced due to advances in the technology and performance of six-cylinder vehicles.


Triton and Vito

RAC moved the patrol fleet to diesel, with the 4-star Triton and 5-star Vito. The technology also improved, with every vehicle now carrying GPS, electronic payment facilities, a full range of tools, emergency lighting and high-vis decals. These are the ultimate safety vehicles to get you back on the road.