Cover of RAC annual report 2023
Size: 17MB
Format: PDF

RAC Annual Concise Report

The RAC Annual Concise Report is released each year to provide members with detailed information on the financial performance and business activities of the organisation.

View or download the report here (PDF 17MB)
Adobe Reader required.

To request a hard copy of the 2022/23 RAC Annual Concise Report or the full financial report, please email us or call RAC Legal Services on (08) 9436 4389.

Front cover of Tax Transparency Report
Size: 728KB
Format: PDF

RAC Tax Transparency Report

The RAC Tax Transparency report is published voluntarily as part of demonstrating the RAC's ongoing commitment to tax transparency.

View or download the report here (PDF 728KB)
Adobe Reader required.
Front cover of RAC's FY2023 Modern Slavery Statement
Size: 2.4MB
Format: PDF

RAC Modern Slavery Statement

RAC is committed to eliminating modern slavery and continues to take steps to identify and address modern slavery in our operations, including our supply chain. RAC’s Modern Slavery Statement is made pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth).

View or download the report here (PDF 2.4MB)
Adobe Reader required.

RAC Gender Equity Report

RAC is committed to setting and achieving targets to address gender equality in the workplace. Find out more about the actions we're taking below.

RAC Gender Equality Report 2023 (PDF 245KB)

RAC Gender Equality Report 2022 (PDF 126KB)

RAC Gender Equality Report 2021 (PDF 4.49MB)

RAC Gender Equality Report 2020 (PDF 461KB)

RAC annual report archive

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