Are all batteries created equal?

Although batteries often look similar, they are not all equal on the inside. Our batteries are built to last which is why they are backed with a nationwide warranty. We pride ourselves on providing high quality batteries, here are a few ways you can have peace of mind with RAC Batteries:

- Our batteries meet or exceed the original manufacturers product.
- Each month we randomly select batteries from our range to test and monitor the product quality and performance.
- All our battery installations are carried out by qualified technicians.
- Price variances with other retailers can be caused by differences in quality, CCA, technology and warranty. 
- We don’t charge extra for cars requiring the electrical system to be reset when a new battery is fitted (battery registration), which many retailers and dealers do.
- RAC’s battery pricing supports our expert service provided. We use the latest technology and training to ensure a professional fitment.

To see which battery is right for your vehicle, call RAC Batteries on 13 11 11. 

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