Enjoy a nation wide warranty on all our batteries

We provide a nation wide warranty for the following periods:

  • 3 Years on all Premium Batteries for private use vehicles.
  • 2 Years on all Extra Heavy Duty Batteries for private use vehicles.
  • 1 Year on all Heavy Duty Batteries for private use vehicles
  • 1 Year on all Deep Cycle Batteries.
  • 1 Year on all Motorbike batteries.
  • 1 Year on all batteries fitted into commercial vehicles.
  • 6 Months on all batteries fitted into courier vehicles.
  • 3 Months on all batteries fitted into taxis
  • 5 years on all battery chargers

If a battery is found to be defective in material or workmanship (and not merely discharged/ flat) during the warranty period the battery will be replaced free of charge. The warranty does not cover a battery:

  • that fails due to improper charging, incorrect fitment, broken container or cover, damage caused by fire, excessive heat, wreckage, explosion, freezing, damage caused by abuse or modification, neglect or the use of special additives introduced to the battery;
  • where the member has changed their mind about the battery and no longer want it;
  • where the member has found the battery at a cheaper price elsewhere or made the wrong selection;
  • where the member knew about faults to their vehicle that may affect the battery prior to purchasing the battery; or
  • where the member purchased the battery despite advice that it may not meet their needs.
For full details refer to the RAC Batteries Warranty Brochure or Battery charger Brochure

Warranty Claim Procedure
To make a warranty claim, call RAC Batteries on 13 11 11 or write to RAC at:

RAC Batteries
38 Collier Pass,
Joondalup, 6027.

Please note that a warranty claim will not be honoured unless proof of purchase (e.g. invoice or credit or bank card statement) is provided. Notwithstanding you contacting RAC Batteries, either RAC Batteries or the RAC contractor will be responsible for any reasonably foreseeable expenses you incur in making a warranty claim. You may need to take the defective battery to a service centre designated by RAC Roadside Assistance or the contractor. If you are not an RAC Roadside Assistance member at the time the warranty claim is made, a service fee may be charged if roadside assistance is provided other than in relation to the battery.

Australia-wide Warranty
RAC Batteries carry a nationwide warranty. The warranty is honoured by affiliated automobile clubs throughout Australia on presentation of a sales receipt for the RAC Battery product. Our affiliates Australia-wide are:

  • New South Wales and ACT – NRMA [need external links to clubs]
  • Victoria – RACV
  • Tasmania – RACT
  • South Australia – RAA
  • Queensland – RACQ
  • Northern Territory – AANT