How do I make a claim for car insurance in myRAC?

It’s easy to make a claim online. Please have the following information ready before you start: 

  • Your policy number or registration number 
  • Incident details (where, when & what happened) 
  • If possible, include the name, address, phone number and licence details of any drivers involved 

Step 1: Log in to myRAC

Log in to myRAC. If you don’t already have a myRAC account, you’ll need to register first.

Step 2: Select ‘Make a claim’

Find your policy and select Make a claim

Selecting Make a claim on mobile

Step 3: Complete the basic details

Enter the time and date of the event you’re claiming for. Then select Continue.

Entering claim details on Mobile

Step 4: Complete the other details

Complete the details about the vehicle, the event and the other drivers involved. Follow the prompts to complete your claim.

Get started

Log in to myRAC

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