Our commitment

At RAC, our purpose is to protect and enhance the lifestyle of our members by offering great products and services and investing in initiatives that help make life better for everyone in WA.

We are for all West Australians, this means:

  • Ensuring we contribute to a safe, sustainable and connected future for WA
  • Providing products and services of real value
  • Being open, responsive and fair in the way we conduct our business
  • Responding to member feedback
  • Helping those experiencing vulnerability

Vulnerable members

For members with a RAC Insurance policy, we provide an extra level of service and sensitivity to those experiencing vulnerability.

We recognise that at different times anyone may need help due to their circumstances and we outline key areas for support below. The RAC Insurance Members Experiencing Vulnerability Policy sets out further details of how we can support you. You can view it in full below.

View full policy

How to contact us

If you have hearing or speech loss and need assistance 

If you require an interpreter or translator

  • Call us on 13 17 03 and ask for an interpreter.
  • Alternatively, if you speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Persian/Farsi, French or Spanish, call the interpreter on 03 9492 8793 and ask them to connect to RAC WA.