Embark on a unique journey through Britain and Ireland. Explore the ancient Roman city of Bath, perfect your pint-pouring skills at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin in a private masterclass, and marvel at the grandeur of Holyroodhouse Palace in Edinburgh.
Guided by local experts, this tour is enriched with immersive encounters. Prehistoric Stonehenge towers over England’s Salisbury Plains, where a tour unlocks some of the secrets held by these 5000-year-old monoliths, while the Viking city of York charms all with its maze of narrow streets and close quarter homes.

A coastline with cliffs full of grasses and flowers against a sunset sky above the quiet ocean
A well-preserved Roman thermae complex with light steam evaporating above the water
Part of the city wall in York in front of lush trees with a lookout to the cathedral and other historic buildings