RAC invites participants to share their feedback on their experience in pre and post- ride surveys.  We love to hear what the participants think of the Intellibus® and their opinions on the future of transport. 

“The gradual adoption of various components of the total system is already happening: GPS, lane corrections, distance to vehicle in front etc. I believe it will gradually come in so that the final step to no steering wheel or accelerator will be a small step.”


Trial participant



RAC has shared a range of learnings through submissions to Government and industry, and we continue to engage with stakeholders to better prepare for the safe transition of automated vehicles onto our roads.

Intellicar and Intellibus being inspected


RAC undertakes surveys to understand what the WA community knows, thinks and feels about automated vehicles.  Likewise, we invite trial participants to provide feedback on their experience in pre and post-ride surveys. 

During each ride our Chaperones complete reports which describe each journey, including any mechanical or software issues and unexpected traffic interactions. 

These activities are allowing us to gain invaluable insights in helping to understand the potential opportunities and impacts of the technology.

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Automated Vehicles Community Perceptions Monitor 2018 (PDF 620KB)

RAC Intellibus® Trial Post-ride Survey: 12 Month Summary 2018 (PDF 564KB)

RAC's Response to the NTC's Paper on Changing Driving Laws to Support AVs (PDF 177KB)

RAC Intellibus Technical Specifications Information Sheet (PDF 1MB)

RAC Automated Vehicle Trial Information Sheet (PDF 835KB)

RAC Response to the National Transport Commission Automated Vehicle Trials (PDF 1.2MB)

RAC Submission to the Inquiry into the Social Issues Relating to Driverless Vehicles (PDF 1.4MB)

Automated Vehicles Survey (PDF 332KB)

RAC's Response to the National Transport Commission's Discussion Paper July 2020 (PDF 2MB)

For further information on our submission responses please visit our reports page.