Vehicle CO2 emissions information sheet (PDF 473KB)

RAC Gender Equality Report 2019 (PDF 382KB)

RAC Federal Priorities 2019 (PDF 1.3MB)

Motorist Taxation Revenue & Spending 2019 (PDF 1.4MB)

RAC State Budget Submission 2019-20 (PDF 1.2MB)

Urban Planning and Connected Communities Survey 2019 (PDF 2.5MB)

Western Australian Local Government strategic transport priorities, survey results 2019 (PDF 1.3MB)

RAC Mobile Phone Distraction Survey 2019 (PDF 540KB)


RAC's response to the Select Committee Inquiry (PDF 188KB)

RAC's response to the NTC's Discussion Paper: Regulating government access to C-ITS and automated vehicle data (PDF 564KB)

RAC's response to the NTC's Consultation Regulation Impact Statement: Safety assurance for automated driving systems (PDF 351KB)

RAC Roadside Assistance patrols survey results (PDF 808KB)

RAC Response to the Green Paper concepts for a strategically led planning system (PDF 1.2MB)

RAC Shared Path Lighting Review 2018 (PDF 1.3MB)

RAC Public Policy 2018-2019 (PDF 615KB)

Automated Vehicles: Community Perceptions Monitor (PDF 620KB)

RAC Intellibus Post-ride Survey: 12 Month Summary (PDF 564KB)

RAC's submission on Infrastructure WA's Proposed Model 2018 (PDF 756KB)

Road User Charging Survey 2018 (PDF 520KB)

RAC's Response on the Inquiry into the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 (PDF 4.8MB)

RAC State Budget Submission 2018-19 (PDF 2.3MB)

Motorist Taxation Revenue & Road Spending 2018 (PDF 1.2MB)

RAC Federal Priorities 2018 (PDF 1.5MB)

RAC Motorcycling Survey (PDF 591KB)

RAC Road Safety Snapshot: Motorcycling (PDF 488KB)

RAC Road Safety Snapshot: Cycling (PDF 376KB)


RAC's response to the NTC's Discussion Paper: Regulatory options to assure automated vehicle safety in Australia (PDF 222KB)

RAC Public Policy 2017 (PDF 1.2MB)

RAC Young Driver Survey 2017 (PDF 125KB)

RAC's Response to the NTC's Paper on Changing Driving Laws to Support AVs (PDF 177KB)

RAC Response to the Western Australian State Governments Sustainable Health Review (PDF 675KB)

RAC Intellibus Technical Specifications Information Sheet (PDF 1MB)

RAC Response to 'The Value Capture Discussion Paper' (PDF 812KB)

RAC Submission on the Revised State Planning Policy 3.6 (PDF 148KB)

State Budget Submission 2017-18 (PDF 1.4MB)

RAC Automated Vehicle Trial Information Sheet (PDF 835KB)

RAC Response to the National Transport Commission's Paper on Guidelines for Automated Vehicle Trials (PDF 1.2MB)

RAC submission to Economics and Industry Standing Committee Inquiry Into Regional Airfares (PDF 1.2MB)

RAC Regional e-Bike Trial - Topline results 2017 (PDF 480KB)

The power of electric bikes - A tale of two cities (PDF 73KB)

The power of electric bikes in regional WA (PDF 2MB)

RAC Federal Priorities 2017 (PDF 1.6MB)

RAC submission to the Inquiry into the social issues relating to driverless vehicles (PDF 1.4MB)

RAC Submission to Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia February 2017 (PDF 1.7MB)

RAC State Election Priorites 2017 (PDF 638KB)


Motorist Taxation Revenue & Road Spending 2016 (PDF 889KB)

RAC Public Policy 2016 (PDF 876KB)

RAC response to Transport @ 3.5 million – Perth Transport Plan (PDF 1MB)

Autonomous Vehicle Survey (PDF 332KB)

RAC Regional e-Bike Trial Information Sheet (PDF 940KB)

Transport accessibility of Perth’s activity centres (PDF 1.3MB)

RAC e-Bike Trial (PDF 978KB)

Traffic signals safety and efficiency project (PDF 144KB)

State Budget Submission 2016-2017 (PDF 2.1MB)

Walking survey (PDF 525KB)


RAC's response to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Aspects of Road Safety (PDF 233KB)

Cost of Motoring (PDF 692KB)

Free2go Driver Survey Results (PDF 497KB)

BusinessWise Congestion Survey (PDF 844KB)

Public Policy (PDF 859KB)

RAC response to DoT Green Paper (PDF 373KB)

Risky Roads Survey 12 month report card (PDF 128KB)

Motorist Taxation Revenue and Road Spending (PDF 814KB)

Federal Priorities for WA (PDF 1.5MB)

RAC Patrol Survey Results (PDF 630KB)

Exploring the role of car sharing in Perth (PDF 878KB)

Ageing and Driving (PDF 533KB)

Cycling survey (PDF 523KB)

State Budget Submission (PDF 1.4MB)

Building a high quality cycle network (PDF 803KB)

Two year report card on the WA Government (PDF 918KB)

Methods of evaluating police performance (PDF 385KB)

RAC response to the Insurance Commission of Western Australia's Green Paper (PDF 1.4MB)


Response to the review of Road Safety Governance in Western Australia (PDF 566KB)

Taxi User Survey Results (PDF 617KB)

Review of aspects of the Taxi Industry in Perth and Western Australia (PDF 1.9MB)

Traffic signals safety and efficiency project – Stage 2 (PDF 5.4MB)

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport (PDF 939KB)

140804 Motorist taxation and revenue 2014 (PDF 755KB)

Public Policy (PDF 861KB)

Draft Regional Planning and Infrastucture Frameworks Submission (PDF 939 KB)

MRWA Intelligent Transport Systems Master Plan Submission (PDF 514KB)

Mobility Bulletin No. 3 - Maintaining Safe Following Distances (PDF 656KB)

State Budget Submission 2014-2015 (PDF 633KB)

ANCAP vehicle safety ratings at point of sale (PDF 787KB)

Regional Transport Survey (PDF 612KB)

Employment self-sufficiency health check: Planning for Perth's congestion challenges (PDF 1.4MB)

12 month report card on the WA Government - March 2014 (PDF 426KB)

Mobility Bulletin No1 - Travel Planning for New Developments (PDF 795KB)


Traffic Signals Safety and Efficieny Project - Stage One Report (PDF 5.4MB)

Employment self-sufficiency health check (PDF 1.5MKB)

BusinessWise/CCI Congestion Survey (PDF 909KB)

Growth in motor vehicle registrations in WA (PDF 1MB)

AAA Federal Election priorities (PDF 1.4MB)

AAA road start ratings report (PDF2.9MB)

State Budget Submission (PDF 1.8MB)

Federal priorities for Western Australia (PDF 2.4MB)

Keeping Western Australians on the move: A road map for the next Western Australian Government (PDF 687KB)

The Economic Cycle: A business case for investment in cycling in WA (PDF 2.1MB)


Response to the WA Bicycle Network Plan Submission (PDF 2MB)


Public Transport for Perth in 2031: RAC's response to the Public Transport Network Plan (PDF 1.2MB)

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