With urgent State and Federal Government action we can prevent more than 2,100 serious crashes from occurring in regional communities. Saving thousands of people from death and serious injury.

How you can help

Help us save lives on our regional roads by writing to your State or Federal Member of Parliament, expressing your support for a Regional Road Safety Package, which would fund vital upgrades to 17,000 kms of our regional road network.


The regional road trauma epidemic

In just five years, more than 500 people have been killed and 2,700 seriously injured on WA's regional roads - a devastating reality for our regional communities and the equivalent of wiping out the entire population of a small town.

Shockingly, deaths on regional roads occur at four times the national average.

Regional deaths per 100,000


Nearly 70 per cent of all serious crashes in regional WA involve cars running off the road or drifting into the path of oncoming traffic - deaths and serious injuries that could be avoided with low-cost road upgrades.


The solution: 17,000 kms of life-saving road upgrades

RAC is calling on the State and Federal Governments to fund a Regional Road Safety Package, which would:

✔ Prevent more than 2,100 serious crashes causing death and serious injury

✔ Reduce regional road trauma by an unprecedented 60 per cent

This $900 million package would upgrade 17,000 kms of WA's regional road network, by installing low-cost safety treatments which help prevent fatal and serious crashes. 

Regional Road Safety Package

A striped traffic cone


17,000 kilometres of WA's regional roads 
A car with its hood on fire


Regional road trauma by 60%
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More than 2,100 crashes causing death or serious injury

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