Join us in supporting National Road Safety Week and help stop deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Drive so others survive

National Road Safety Week (16 – 23 May 2021) is an annual initiative to highlight the impact of road trauma on our community and remember those who have lost their lives on our roads.

Wardrobe of Memories

Last year, 155 people died far too soon. They were the victims of road trauma in WA. 

To support National Road Safety Week, our Wardrobe of Memories illustrates one of the most difficult parts of losing a loved one; sorting through their clothes. Each item in the wardrobe represents someone who never made it home to their family last year.

First steps never taken, one less kid in the classroom, a life-long marriage lost, a bucket list not fulfilled...

The Wardrobe of Memories is a reminder to remember your loved ones the next time you think about speeding, touching your phone or driving under the influence.

Don't make them clear out your wardrobe.

Life-size yellow wardrobe with 155 hanging outfits

Get involved

You can also support National Road Safety Week by making a pledge to help save lives and stop serious injuries on our roads.

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Why is RAC supporting National Road Safety Week?

RAC has been advocating for road safety since we were formed in 1905. More than 115 years later, this remains at our core and we have championed many important initiatives over the course of our history.