We're proud to have a workforce as diverse as our members

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Employee resource groups helps us learn how to best support our diverse workforce

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What diversity means to us

At RAC, we really believe that people thrive most when they’re given the opportunity to move, grow, learn and progress.

You see, together with our members, we have our sights set on the road ahead towards a safer, sustainable, and connected future. It’s a journey that will encourage you to grow, learn new skills and ultimately, make our beautiful state a better place to be.

Our commitment to inclusion

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Enabling All Abilities

The Enabling All Abilities group is committed to delivering an accessible and inclusive work environment for people with disabilities.

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Gender Equity

The Gender Equity group puts into action RAC's commitment to achieve gender equity in the workplace.

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RAC commits to a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's culture, history and participation through our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Prism - LGBTQI+ at RAC

RAC's Identity Recourse Group celebrating Pride

In 2020 RAC established its LGBTQI+ Identity Resource Group (IRG) called Prism whilst celebrating Pride in November.

Prism is a voluntary working group that champions a particular identity group and ensures the strategic priorities set by the Inclusion Council are executed.

We want to enhance the recognition, inclusion and belonging of people who identify as or are allies of LGBTQI+.

There is a strong case for enhancing the recognition, inclusion and belonging of people who identify as LGBTQI+ and this is what the IRG will set out to achieve for the organisation and our people, complimenting the already great work our existing IRGs are doing in Gender Equity, Enabling All Abilities and Reconciliation.

Our journey so far


  • Celebrating International Women’s Day with our internal awards;
  • Achieving our target of 30% women in senior roles (F+) for FY20;
  • Becoming a member of Diversity Council of Australia;
  • Completing a digital accessibility audit of our website and started making improvements;
  • Implementing the accrual of annual leave on parental leave;
  • Introducing 10 days of paid Family and Domestic Violence leave;
  • Executives approved Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan with employment, procurement and cultural awareness training targets;
  • Piloted cultural awareness training with our RAP Committee, and Motoring & Home Services are undertaking Cultural Awareness Training in December;


  • Inclusion Council established;
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion published;
  • Inclusion workshops commenced;
  • Welcoming 12 new employees who identify as living with a disability during the 2019 calendar year;
  • Hosting a temporary gallery of Western Australian Aboriginal art in our Member Service Centre at West Perth;
  • Delivering inclusive leadership and unconscious bias training to leaders;
  • Completing an accessibility audit of West Perth and Collier Pass buildings;
  • Sponsoring the National Reconciliation Conference;
  • Listening tours with senior leaders and executive about gender equity;
  • Holding our first Pride events;
  • Leaders participating in the Rebound WA Wheelchair Challenge;
  • Installing Acknowledgement of Country plaques at all our offices and Parks and Resorts sites;


  • Gender Equity working group established
  • Enabling All Abilities working group (EAAWG) established
  • Expanded our disability recruitment partners to include APM
  • Mitigating Bias Review
  • D&I Survey
  • Policy update: parental leave and flexible working
  • LEAD behaviours updated
  • D&I Leader performance objectives


  • LEAD behaviours launched, included focus on inclusion


  • Innovate RAP
  • Cultural Awareness Survey


  • International Women's Day awards commenced
  • Initial diversity review
  • Commenced reporting with Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)
  • Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) working group and Jawun partnership established
  • Reflect RAP
  • Partnership with Edge Employment Solutions


  • International Women's Day awards commenced


  • Commenced celebrating International Women's day
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What our people are saying

"I enjoy working at RAC as we are given the opportunity to work on a variety of different initiatives across the organisation. From technical projects to member experience to innovation, working at RAC has greatly developed my skill set and broadened my network."

Gendine Bolt
Business Model Innovation Analyst

The driving force for a better WA

At RAC, we are the driving force for a better WA. Together, we are creating a safer, more sustainable and connected future for all Western Australians. We invite you to join us and find meaning and motivation in our mission.

Our vision for 2030 is a safer, sustainable and connected WA.

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