Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are a fun and easy way to get around. This edition will teach students to think about and apply safe practices before they ride.

Students will learn about the importance and use of protective gear, how to check the safety of their bicycle, scooter or skateboard and how to spot and avoid hazards when they are out and about.

These free activity worksheets have been created to suit lower and upper primary students and encourage safe riding behaviours on and around the roads. They can be completed in sequence or individually.

Step 1: Learn about the safe use of bicycles, scooters and skateboards

Teachers, parents and caregivers should use our Little Legends road safety workbooks included in edition one of this distance learning series to discuss bicycle, scooter and skateboard safety with students before downloading these activities.

Lower primary

Little Legends road safety workbook – lower primary (PDF 4.41MB)

Upper primary

Little Legends road safety workbook – upper primary (PDF 2.76MB)

Step 2: Download activities below

Safety check poster

This safety check poster (PDF 335KB) will help children prepare for riding their bicycle, scooter or skateboard safely.

Lower primary

Activity 1: Be a safe rider (PDF 597KB) – Think about what you can do to stay safe.

Activity 2: Bicycle safety check (PDF 1.34MB) – Quick and easy ways to check your bicycle is safe.

Activity 3: Create a safety message (PDF 879KB) – Create a message to share with others.

Activity 4: Build a wheeled model (PDF 134KB) – Get creative and build your own bicycle, scooter or skateboard.

Activity 5: Riding safety bookmark (PDF 1.80KB) – Design your own bookmark cutout to remember safety tips.

Upper primary

Activity 1: Design a bicycle or scooter (PDF 1.17MB) – Think about safety features to add to your design.

Activity 2: Cycling cloze activity (PDF 597KB) – Fill in the blanks to learn more about bicycle safety.

Activity 3: Spot the hazards (PDF 807KB) – Help Little Legend Mel spot the dangers on her ride.

Activity 4: Agree or disagree (PDF 296KB) – Consider safe and and unsafe riding behaviours.

Activity 5: Make a safe 3D skate park (PDF 128KB) – Get creative and design your own fun and safe skate park.

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