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RAC provides free road safety education workshops and online resources for primary schools across Western Australia. Workshops and resources are available to suit each year group and cover a range of road safety topics designed to keep children safe around the roads.

Online resources In-class workshops


Online resources

Building on our in-class Around the Roads program, these learning resources teach students about bicycle, passenger and pedestrian safety.

This easy to follow series aligns with the WA Curriculum (PDF 80KB) and can be adapted and utilised by teachers in the classroom or delivered in the current format at home.

Edition 1 — Welcome workbooks
Our lower and upper primary workbooks are a fun introduction to our distance learning program

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Edition 2 — Pedestrian safety
Learn to 'Stop, Look, Listen and Think' with fun activities for lower and upper primary students

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Edition 3 — Bikes, skateboards and scooters
A range of learning activities for safety on wheels

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Edition 4 — Passenger safety
Learn how to be an A-grade passenger

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Edition 5 — Being road safe
Road signs and distractions, learn to be safe wherever you go

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In-class workshops

The Around the Roads program features engaging and interactive road safety workshops, created for pre-primary to year 6 students. These free in-class workshops are a fun way for children to learn about bicycle, pedestrian and passenger safety while developing skills that will help to keep them safe around the roads.

Around the Roads brochure (PDF 5.26MB)

Pre-primary — Introducing road safety

Pretend to be a Little Legends Club character and practice road safety.

Year 1 — Crossing the road safely

Using a large road mat, we reinforce the ‘stop, look, listen, think’ system.

Year 2 — Investigating safety on the road

Students investigate a crash scene to understand bike, pedestrian and passenger safety.

Year 3 — Bicycle safety

This workshop explores all areas of bike safety, from safety gear to building a safe bike.

Year 4 — Seatbelts and passenger safety

Students become scientists and use egg crash simulations to learn about the importance of seatbelts.

Year 5 — Avoiding risky behaviours

Explore the rules and laws designed to increase pedestrian, passenger and bicycle safety.

Year 6 — Going green and being safe

Students learn about alternative sources of fuel and build solar-powered cars with safety features.

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