Being a safe passenger in a vehicle is extremely important. In this edition, students will learn about passenger behaviours that will help everyone stay safe in a vehicle.

Students will learn about driver distraction, the use of seat belts and the role that passenger behaviour has to play in keeping everyone safe on the roads.

These free activity worksheets have been created to suit lower and upper primary students and encourage safe behaviours as a passenger in a vehicle. They can be completed in sequence or individually.


Step 1: Learn about passenger safety

Teachers, parents and caregivers should use our Little Legends road safety workbooks included in edition one of this distance learning series to discuss safe passenger behaviour with student before downloading these activities.

Little Legends road safety workbook - lower primary (PDF 4.41MB)

Little Legends road safety workbook - upper primary (PDF 2.76MB)

Step 2: Download activities below

Lower primary 

Activity 1: Passenger rules (PDF 47KB) - Think about the behaviour that will help you stay safe.

Activity 2: Passenger safety check (PDF 42KB) - Identify safe and unsafe behaviours and actions. 

Activity 3: Safe seat belt behaviour (PDF 178KB) - Considering safe seat belt use on your journey.

Activity 4: Wanted poster (PDF 42KB) - help track down a passenger safety rule breaker.

Activity 5: Draw the distractions (PDF 40KB) - Understand the types of driver distractions. 

Upper primary

Activity 1: Distracted driver comic strip (PDF 37KB) - Draw a distracted driver scene.

Activity 2: Code cracker (PDF 159KB) - use everyday road signs to crack the code.

Activity 3: Passenger safety crossword (PDF 47KB) - solve the safety clues to complete the crossword. 

Activity 4: History of the seat belt (PDF 73KB) - understand how and why seat belts were introduced.

Activity 5: Safe passenger checklist (PDF 45KB) - remember safe behaviours and be ready for your next trip. 

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