To help students stay safe wherever they go, we have developed a range of activities that encourage safe behaviour on and around our roads.

In this edition, students will learn about road rules and how to identify road signs as well as how to make safe and smart decisions when getting around.

These free activity worksheets have been created to suit lower and upper primary students and encourage safe behaviours on and around the roads. They can be completed in sequence or individually. 

Step 1: Learn about being road safe

Teachers, parents and caregivers should use our Little Legends road safety workbooks included in edition one of this distance learning series to discuss staying safe on and around the roads with students.

Little Legends road safety workbook - lower primary (PDF 4.41MB)

Little Legends road safety workbook - upper primary (PDF 2.76MB)

Step 2: Download activities below

Lower Primary 

Activity 1: Emergency services match-up (PDF 258KB) - Recognise the emergency services and their vehicles. 

Activity 2: Remember your safety rules (PDF 528KB) - Think about the rules that keep you safe around roads.

Activity 3: Draw a safe walking map (PDF 43B) - Map a safe route through your neighbourhood.

Activity 4: Know your signals (PDF 206KB) - Understand crossing signals and safe behaviour crossing the road.  

Activity 5: Road maps and rules (PDF 325KB) - Create your own road map with road rules. 

Upper Primary

Activity 1: Match the road sign (PDF 485KB) - Understand road signs and match them to their meaning. 

Activity 2: Protecting your equipment (PDF 45KB) - Protect your safety equipment and be ready to ride safely. 

Activity 3: Automated vehicles (PDF 114KB) - Learn about RAC Intellibus® and automated vehicles.

Activity 4: Catching the bus (PDF 48KB) - Use a bus timetable to plan your journeys. 

Activity 5: Smart choices advert (PDF 190KB) - Create an advert that will encourage others to be road safe. 

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