There are five fatal factors that contribute to road trauma in Western Australia – distraction, fatigue, speeding, wrong or non-use of seatbelts, and drugs and alcohol. Students are encouraged to think about and develop their understanding of the fatal factors and reflect on practical strategies to make safe decisions as a passenger and as a driver.

Learn about the fatal factors

We have developed a series of fact sheets and activities for each fatal factor, these can be downloaded as an interactive PDF or printed for use. Each lesson can take up to 45 minutes if all tasks and extension activities are completed. Teachers and parents should consider individual learning abilities and monitor the use of any web browser for these activities.

Step 1

Select a fatal factor from the chart below.

Step 2

Using the lesson flow chart as a guide, students should complete the KWL chart for the fatal factor selected. This chart asks the student to reflect on what they already know and what they like to learn about the fatal factor.

Step 3

Read and investigate the fatal factor using the fact sheet and provided resource links.

Step 4

Work through the quiz and accompanying activities for the fatal factor lesson.

Fatal Factor Lesson flow
Distraction KWL chart (PDF 37KB)  Fact sheet (PDF 130KB) Quiz (PDF 43KB) Quiz answers (PDF 85KB) Activity - Cause, effect and action (PDF 52KB)
Fatigue KWL chart (PDF 43KB) Fact sheet (PDF 147KB) Quiz (PDF 42KB) Quiz answers (PDF 85KB) Activity - Fatal factor influencer (PDF 47KB)
Seatbelts KWL chart (PDF 43KB) Fact sheet (PDF 124KB) Quiz (PDF 41KB) Quiz answers (PDF 41KB) Activity - Label and investigate (PDF 46KB)
The impact of speed KWL chart (PDF 43KB) Fact sheet (PDF 130KB) Quiz (PDF 41KB) Quiz answers (PDF 85KB) Activity - Choice A or B (PDF 49KB)
Drugs & alcohol KWL chart (PDF 43KB) Fact sheet (PDF 123KB) Quiz (PDF 43KB) Quiz answers (PDF 85KB) Activity - Develop your plan B (PDF 48KB)


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