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RAC provides free road safety education events, presentations and resources for secondary schools across Western Australia. Presentations and resources are available to suit each year group and cover a range of road safety topics designed to educate the next generation of drivers how to stay safe as a passenger or driver on the roads.

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Online resources

Building on our in-class On the Roads program, these learning resources teach students about the importance of safe driving and being a responsible passenger, as well as the effects of alcohol, speed, reckless behaviour and driver inattention.

This easy to follow series aligns with the WA Curriculum (PDF 25KB) and can be adapted and utilised by teachers or delivered in the current format.

Edition 1 - Fatal factors on the road

Understand the fatal factors that contribute to road crashes and consider strategies to make safe decisions on the road.

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Edition 2 - Buying a car
Buying your first car is an exciting moment, reflect on what you should know before purchasing a vehicle.

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Edition 3 - The ripple effect
Explore the far reaching and lasting impact of road crashes.

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Edition 4 - My decisions, my destination
Consider how your choices can impact your life and others.

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Edition 5 - My story
Hear first hand what it's like to be involved in a serious road crash.

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In-class presentations

The On the Roads program is a free in-class road safety education program suited to Year 10 to 12 students. The program is designed to help keep students safe on the roads by influencing risk reduction, increasing resilience and encouraging responsible behaviour. 

On the Roads Program - teacher booklet (PDF 1.4MB)

Presentation 1: Back Seat Driver (Year 10)
  • The role of passengers in vehicles.
  • Strategies for travelling safely in vehicles.
  • Information and activities on speed, fatigue, seatbelts, alcohol, drugs and distractions.
Presentation 2: Buying a Car (Year 10 - 12) 
  • The process of buying a car.
  • The importance of purchasing a safe vehicle.
  • ANCAP and Used Car Safety Ratings.
  • Contracts, insurance, registrations, and PPSR checks.
Presentation 3: Drink, Drugs and Driving (Year 11 - 12) 
  • The effects of drugs and alcohol while driving.
  • Standard drinks.
  • Decision making strategies to help students to travel home safely.
Presentation 4: My Decisions, My Destination (Year 11 - 12)
  • The impact of road trauma - the ripple effect.
  • How lives are affected by road trauma.
  • Decisions that lead to life changing consequences.

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RAC bstreetsmart

RAC bstreetsmart is a free youth road trauma event for students in Year 10 to 12.

RAC bstreetsmart educates students about the realities of road trauma, by re-enacting a crash scene and hearing from people who have been involved in road trauma.

RAC bstreetsmart is supported by Royal Perth Hospital, St John Ambulance, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, WA Police and the Theatrical Response Group.

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RAC Project Road Smart

RAC Project Road Smart focuses on driver and passenger behaviour and highlights the far-reaching effects of road crashes. Like the RAC bstreetsmart event held annually at RAC Arena in Perth, this program will feature a crash re-enactment, which has been filmed as a docudrama and showcases the response by real-life emergency services. Students will also hear from guest speakers who have been directly affected by road trauma. These events are run by RAC with the support of the WA Police Force, Department of Fire and Emergency Services and St John Ambulance.

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Police at car accident scene

Our partners

Paraplegic Benefit Fund logo

PBF Australia

PBF delivers a powerful and influential road safety program run by people who have sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of a road trauma event. Schools that book a RAC Community Education presentation are entitled to a free PBF presentation.

PBF website

SDERA logo

School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA)

We work alongside SDERA and present the workshop Keys for Life: A Workshop for Parents and Young People. This workshop aims to motivate young people and their parents to work as partners in the learning to drive process.

SDERA website

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RAC is part of the Western Australian Road Safety Education Committee (WARSEC)

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