Buying your first car is an exciting moment and there is a lot to think about. These resources offer students an opportunity to research and understand what to consider when buying a vehicle.

Learn about buying a car

These resources and activities encourage students to research and navigate the process of buying a car. Considering safety features and cost is just the beginning, and this edition will help students understand the many aspects of car ownership.

Each activity can take up to 45 minutes and teachers and parents should consider individual learning abilities.

What you need

These activities require internet access to guide students to relevant sites such as RAC Road Ready, How Safe is Your Car, ANCAP and Redbook. Teachers and caregivers should monitor the use of any web browser for these activities.

Step 1:

Download and review our Buying a car (PDF 500KB) information sheet.

Step 2: Select your activity

These activities can be completed in sequence or individually.

Activity 1: Can I afford a car? (PDF 131KB) – Assess the cost of purchasing and owning a vehicle considering fair purchase price, ongoing running costs and fees.

Activity 2: Used car checklist (PDF 151KB) – Simple checks and considerations that can help you assess the condition of a used car.

Activity 3: Investigating ANCAP (PDF 226KB) – Understanding the importance of safety features in vehicles using ANCAP Safety Ratings.


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