Decisions can lead to consequences that have a lasting impact on lives. Students will reflect on the types of decisions and consequences they may be faced with as a passenger or driver and consider strategies that will help keep them safe in the future.

Students will watch a series of short videos featuring James, Andrew, Claire, Josh and Emily, who are hanging out with friends at a party. The videos follow the friends as they face the decisions regularly encountered by young people on their journey home.


Students will reflect on the stories and their own experiences before considering strategies that will help them make safe decisions in the future. 

What you need 

This activity will require internet access to view the videos. Teachers and caregivers should monitor the use of any web browser.


This edition can take up to 60 minutes if all activities are completed. Each video activity includes an additional Take it further exercise. Individual learning abilities should be considered.


Step 1: Watch the first video 

Step 2: Complete the activity for each video before moving on 

These five videos and accompanying activities should be completed in sequence. Each activity sheet includes an additional learning opportunity with the Take it further exercise. 

Step 3: Review student understanding

Download our discussion guide (PDF 128KB) to review student understanding and facilitate discussion. 

My decisions my destination: videos and activities

Video 1: James is on the phone to his Mum

Video 1 activity (PDF 50KB)


Video 2: Andrew chats to Josh and Emily as he leaves the party

Video 2 activity(PDF 47KB)


Video 3: James and Claire get a lift home with Andrew

Video 3 activity(PDF 50KB)



Video 4: In the car with Andrew, Claire and James

Video 4 activity (PDF 50KB)



Video 5: In the car with Emily and Josh

Video 5 activity (PDF 50KB)


Additional resources - focus on passenger safety

These additional resources focus on making positive choices as a passenger in environments where peer pressure can impact decision making. These activities include individual and group formats. 

Passenger safety activity - speaking up (PDF 140KB)

Passenger safety activity - risks and consequences (PDF 134KB)



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