How self-esteem and mental health can impact choices behind the wheel

About this workshop

Peer pressure takes many forms and more and more, peer pressure is having an increasing impact on young driver behaviour.

In this workshop, students will reflect on their emotions and self-esteem, connecting mental health and wellbeing with peer pressure and the role it plays in making poor choices behind the wheel.

These presentations are delivered by experienced Happiness Co presenters who utilise their impactful mental wellbeing programs and tools to build self awareness in students, encouraging them to consider how mental health can impact their decisions, their lives, and the lives of others.

Workshop features

  • 45 - 60 minute workshop
  • Years 10 - 12 
  • Suitable for large groups (minimum 20)
  • Workbooks and tools to takeaway

Workshop topics

  • Peer pressure and its influence on road safety
  • Emotions, behaviours and decision making

Students will

  • Understand how their emotions impact their behaviours.
  • Reflect on their emotions and overall mental health
  • Learn strategies to positively impact behaviour and decision making
  • Consider their relationship to peer pressure

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