Going camping, caravanning or four-wheel driving? We can help you stay off-road for longer!

If you like the creature comforts when off road such as a fridge, camping lights or an inverter to charge your laptop then you'll need a dual battery.

Our dual battery range suits 4WDs, Caravans and RVs and is designed and manufactured to withstand the challenges of Australia's extreme off-road conditions including high temperatures, rough terrain and all those power-hungry accessories!

We can deliver you one within the wider Perth metro area for you to install yourself. You don’t have to be a member, but if you are you’ll save 10%.

Battery pricing

Part #5450 Part #7702 .this is the Most popular choice. Part #4553 Part #7705
$259 $349 $379
Non-member price $288 Non-member price $388 Non-member price $421
Ampere Hour (AMP hr)
Ampere Hour (AMP hr) 80 amp 105 amp 128 amp
Length 260 mm 307 mm 331 mm
Width 174 mm 169 mm 175 mm
Height 222 mm 215 mm 218 mm
Construction Hybrid AGM AGM
Reserve Capacity (RC)
Reserve Capacity (RC) 80 175 230
Fitment MT M8 M8
Assembly D D D
Features AH80 AH105 AH128
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Technology Deep cycle Deep cycle Deep cycle

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Our camping, caravan & 4WD battery range has been developed for longer-lasting performance and durability. We offer a wide range of batteries at competitive prices with 10% off for RAC members.

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Our batteries are designed to withstand the roughest conditions which is why we give you peace of mind with a 1 year nationwide warranty.

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