What’s inside your home really does count. With contents insurance, you can insure your valuables – like clothes, computers and appliances ­– against common events. Here are some optional extras you may be able to choose.

Accidental damage

Most contents policies include some limited cover for accidental damage, such as accidental glass breakage. Some insurers will give you the option to pay extra and extend your cover to include accidental damage to other items or events. With accidental damage cover, even a stain on your lounge or carpet could be covered.

Personal valuables and possessions

Protect the valuables you use away from home, such as your smartphone or laptop. You can also cover jewellery you wear, like your engagement ring or watch. This option will cost extra on your policy. There are usually restrictions on what's covered and under what circumstances, so always check your policy carefully.

Electric motor burnout

This provides cover for electric motors within household items like washing machines or refrigerators if they burn out as a result of an electric current. Some insurers offer this as an optional extra, whereas others include this cover as standard.

Your valuables are worth a lot to you, so it may be worth investing a bit of time and effort to make sure you have the insurance cover you need. Find out what's covered by most contents insurance policies or learn about what's included with RAC Building Insurance.

This product is issued by RAC Insurance Pty Ltd. Benefits are subject to policy conditions and PED Guide. Before you make a decision, please check the PDS and TMD to see if the policy is right for you. Limits and exclusions apply.