Student supervision and support

Schools are responsible for the duty of care of their students throughout the event excursion. Schools must provide a staffing ratio (that includes a teacher-in-charge) in accordance with the Department of Education, Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent School of WA’s excursion staffing ratio. Please ensure all attending staff are wearing clear identification.

RAC recommends that any student who has experienced recent personal road trauma or road trauma within their family or friends do not attend the event. 

Student support

Counsellors as well as Red Frog volunteers will be on hand throughout the event for counselling and support services.

RAC Recommends
  • School Chaplains or Counsellors attend the event to provide additional support.
  • Schools hold a de-brief in class following the event and provide additional counselling if required.
  • Any student who has experienced recent personal road trauma, or road trauma within their family or friends should not attend the event. 

Medical needs

Teachers-in-charge must be aware of any student medical concerns as students may be exposed to situations which could trigger reactions such as fainting, anxiety or an asthma attack. Teachers must carry a copy of any relevant Student Health Care Plans in the case of an emergency or if treatment is required. A first aid room is located on the first floor of the venue.

Special needs

Any students with special needs must be accompanied by an allocated assistant at all times. Please contact us if this applies to any of your students.

Emergency response plan

In the event of an emergency,  Arena emergency procedures will be followed. Attendees must adhere to instructions provided by RAC Arena wardens. Should an evacuation be required, attendees will meet at the appropriate muster point as instructed by RAC Arena emergency wardens. The teacher-in-charge are to account for each student and record as appropriate.

RAC Arena
  • RAC Arena is a smoke free venue
  • Public Liability - RAC Arena does not provide copies of the Certificate of Currency, but as per legislative requirements RAC Arena holds a valid public liability certificate for $20 Million.
  • Emergency Response plans are available on request email 

Expectation of students

Students must demonstrate responsible behaviour and respect the speakers, staff, emergency services personnel, exhibitor displays, equipment and venue at all times. Students are to remain seated with their school for the duration of the event.

Student discipline

Supervising teachers are required to maintain student discipline at all times, including walking to and from the Arena. Students will not be permitted to leave RAC Arena at break times. An event pass-out policy applies for exceptional circumstances only.
Inappropriate behaviour may result in students being placed under supervision or being removed from the Arena. Any damage incurred to the RAC Arena building will be reported to the relevant authorities.

RAC bstreetsmart personnel will be located at the information desk inside the Arena entrance

Event day information

Information on preparing for event day and getting to and from RAC Arena