RAC are proud to be supporting National Disability Services with a new campaign to highlight the misuse of ACROD bays.

In 2020, RAC is proud to support the National Disability Services campaign 'This bay is someone's day'.

A new campaign launched for the ACROD parking program which aims to reduce the misuse of ACROD parking bays across Western Australia, and beyond.

Launched to coincide with International Day of People with Disability on 3 December. RAC is supporting the campaign by having on site ACROD bays painted in line with the new campaign. ACROD bays through the city will be featuring eye-catching artwork to remind drivers to park right and not illegally use ACROD bays.

There are currently more than 90,000 West Australians who have severe mobility restrictions and have an ACROD permit. Parking in these pays without a permit can take away a person's independence who needs the bay and prevent them going about their day.

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