We have a range of service items available, from an air con service to brake pad replacement. Read below for more information on the different service items that can be added to any of our minor, major or logbook services or as stand-alone items. 

Additional services we offer

Air con service

Our air con and re-gas service includes an operation test, re-gas, Valvoline sanitise, drive belt and compressor check and a leak inspection to help keep you cool on those warm summer days. From $189.

Air filter

A dirty or blocked air filter can increase fuel consumption and cause poor engine performance. This service involves replacing your air filter. From $44.

Brakes – rear pads only

Ensuring your brake pads are in working order is extremely important for the safety of the vehicle. We can check and replace your rear brake pads to maintain your vehicle safety. From $230.

Brakes – front pads only

As with your rear brakes we will check and replace your front brake pads. From $244.

Cabin filter

Your cabin filter is responsible for filtering the air in your vehicle. It stops dust, bugs and fumes from entering the cabin. We can replace your cabin filter to keep you breathing clean air. From $102.

Check windscreen wiper blades

Wiper blades can need replacing occasionally. If you see streaking, hear shuttering or any other unexpected noises from your windscreen wipers, it's time to get them checked to avoid potential damage to your windscreen. From $40.

Cooling system flush

Your cooling system is responsible for maintaining optimal engine temperature. A cooling system flush involves flushing the used coolant and any contaminants through the system replacing with new clean coolant. From $189.

Diagnostic scan

A diagnostic scan involves using our diagnostic scan tool to read the data and any error codes stored in the vehicle's computer. Using the data stored within the computer can be an effective way of diagnosing faults with a vehicle. From $99.

Vehicle inspection

For a thorough check you know you can trust, book your car in for an RAC Vehicle Inspection. All our inspections are carried out at an RAC Auto Services centre or one of our mobile servicing vans.

You’ll get a full report on the vehicle’s general condition and safety components**, plus a car history report, valued at $36.95, included for free. From $259.

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^^ For full warranty details visit Car service warranty.

Prices are based on RAC member prices for service on a 2010-2015 Hyundai i20 1.4L. Prices will vary depending on vehicle and service. Please contact us for a quote/price on other models and car service types.