You don't have to be mechanically minded to keep an eye on your car between services. Just a little bit of regular attention will help keep your car in good working order and pick up any serious problems and prevent a breakdown.

Easy car-maintenance tips

Oil: Check your oil levels regularly!
The oil keeps all the parts of the engine lubricated and working together smoothly, and reduces wear-out.

Tyres: Check your tyre pressure every 2-4 weeks
Always check your tyres before a long drive.

Batteries: Consider replacing every 3 to 4 years
Battery failure often occurs with no warning.

Brakes: Squealing brakes need to be checked
Check squealing, grinding on your rotors, or unusual vibrations. It may mean your brakes need replacing. Be on the safe side and see an auto services professional. If you are an RAC Roadside Assistance member, you can contact us to get a free vehicle health check by one of  our experienced mechanics.