How do I update my bank account details for my insurance policy?

There are many reasons that you might want to change your details. Maybe you want to close an account and start payments from a new one. Perhaps you want to consolidate your payments so that they all come from one bank account. You can even choose seperate bank accounts for each insurance policy. If you need to change your bank details, you will need to change them on each policy that you want to be using the new bank details for. For example, you can’t just change it for a car insurance policy and then expect it to automatically be updated on your home policy.

Step 1: Log in to myRAC

Log in to myRAC. If you don’t already have a myRAC account, you’ll need to register first.

Step 2: Select ‘Manage my policy’

Find your policy. Select Manage. Then select Manage my policy.

Selecting Manage my policy from dropdown on mobile

Step 3: Go to ‘Change my bank details’

Select the motor policy you wish to update banking details for and select Change my banking details

Selecting Change my banking details on Mobile

Step 4: Update the bank details for your policy

To assign a bank account that we already have on file, simply select it from the list and click confirm. Important; when updating your payment method it only changes for the policy you have chosen to update. If you would like to change all your policies to this new payment method you will need to update those too..

Update your bank details on Mobile

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